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Name: Zack

Nationality: North American


Hometown: Austin, TX


World of Warcraft


Asmongold had a loving relationship with his mother.


When Asmon was somewhere between six and seven, he was frolicking in the timbers with his buddies, and they were assaying to develop up a few code names for themselves. The person that he perpetually admitted for himself was ‘Asmongold’. Well, then as obvious, he led that by to his video gaming outlines as he got older.


Asmongold incited playing the Warcraft series in 1997. But around July 2006, some guy in his computer class bargained him a copy of WoW. Though he exclusively inaugurated performing it later in the time as one of his friends came over, witnessed it on the shelf, and requested that they play it. He was just 16 at the moment and has been pinned ever since.

When he grew to be eleven-years-old, he had gotten a video camera for his birthday, and that has helped him in producing and editing videos since then.

He additionally, performed Halo and different titles when he was an adolescent. Previous to WoW, he and his buddy had created Halo montages.


At the time when Asmongold was about to enroll in college in 2014, his mom got weak. So, he got weaved up in taking concern of her preferably. As he relished filming and had spare time, he commenced streaming to treat people with WoW. Once his mom became strong enough, he reverted to business school.

Asmongold incited livestreaming on Twitch in mid-2014.


Carries dark brown hair and eyes. He keeps a full-goatee but trimmed.


Asmongold, as of now, has about 19,830 followers, who provide an estimated viewership of 29,210 viewers. This implies that he earns about $69,400 USD per month from subscribers. This excludes extra bucks from the sponsorships, tiered subscriptions, tips, Twitch cheer bit donations, and advertisements.


Asmongold doesn’t have set times. However, he mostly streams for 5 – 8 hours at a time. But, surprisingly, he once streamed for 25 hours uninterrupted.

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