Twitch StatusHi, I’m Esfand. I’m a Variety and IRL streamer who happens to know a lot about Classic WoW.
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Name: Unknown

Nationality: US

Age: 29

Hometown: Austin,TX

Birthday: 4th July

Variety, World of Warcraft


Esfand is a type of Persian spice.


EsfandTV’s first incited playing MMORPGs with Dark Age of Camelot when he was a kid. Even though Esfandtv had happened to be playing WoW since November 29, 2004, but that was only for fun. He really visualized befitting a football coach. Though meanwhile, he was in university and he was wounded and was no longer suitable to play. He proceeded to strive with coaches for a couple of years as an adjunct while in college, but the station he was serving towards dropped finished. This was just a week after college, and he didn’t own a duty still.

One of his buddies informed him about the ‘Elysium’ Horde society on WoW. He resolved to enter the guild and produce some videos just to have himself engaged while he studied for the craft. This was in April 2017. Back, around three months, he picked to start live-streaming and brought 50 viewers while his debut stream. He accordingly proceeded to do it and ultimately reached 500-600 spectators per stream and thought of shifting to a full-time streamer.

However, he was banned for streaming a private server, which slashed his hopes. He then messed around for the next few months while he tried to figure out what else he could do. He did research and also made friends with Asmongold and Mcconell and would play PUBG with them almost every night. They advised him to continue grinding on a non-vanilla server on WoW.

For the ensuing scant moons, he barely received any bucks from his streams and had been dismissed from the Twitch partnership. He later then was addressed by the new SMU soccer staff to aid them with coaching on a part-time basis. He endured the station as a back-up disposition while he resumed to grind.


Opportunely, people remarked on him, and he gradually grew. Nevertheless, he still couldn’t compete in Vanilla WoW, therefore he was cleft performing other games. His huge rift originated when he tended Dreamhack 2018 when his channel abruptly extended massively. Esfandtv was subsequently partnered and had reached 1,000 subscribers, which belatedly permitted him to persevere full-time streaming. A few months later, he secured the motility and has been flowing full-time ever since. Meanwhile, WoW Classic was released, and he was lastly fit to state to his principal game. He is mainly understood for his Paladin Ret play.

He credits his fortune to all of the other streamers who encouraged him throughout his drudgery and submitted him their word, To name some- Trainwreckstv, Professor Akali and Sodapoppin, amongst others.

Esfandtv joined Method’s stream team in February 2019.


Esfandtv enjoys over 8,660 supporters, which can easily incorporate him with over $21,650 USD per month, not including extra income from tips, advertisements, sponsorships, and Twitch cheer bit contributions.


The streamer doesn’t have a set schedule.

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