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Name: Michael Santana

Nationality: US

Age: 28

Hometown: Margate, FL

Birthday: 21st February

Genshin Impact, Valorant, Variety


IMAQTPIE got together with his girlfriend in 2018 as husband. Now, they have three cats.


He chose the handle because his mom says that he’s cute.


Imaqtpie commenced striking video games at a modern maturity. His great school fellows proposed him to watch League of Legends (LoL) forthwith after its release in 2009, due to its existing free-to-play. He befell in fancy with it and quickly matured, but got addicted to it. He became highly proficient at the game. A few moons after, Scarra discerned him at a competition and encouraged him to join his team, Rock Solid, as their starting AD Carry. He has from then, has adhered with the character, and even though it has been deliberate passing he still beams to accomplish his goal of being the most solid AD Carry in LoL sometime.

Rock Solid secured fourth in the 2011 NESL Premier League Season I, but their craft however attracted the observation of Team Dignitas, who summoned them to join their professional team. They seemed to accept so, appearing in Dignitas persuading the 2011 IGN ProLeague (IPL) Season 3 tournament. Notwithstanding, in the LCS’s quick dates, impersonating in competitions professionally was tremendous jeopardy, as trios had to settle first or second to advance back the capital that they wasted on travel and comfort. This was exceptionally correct due to the necessity of temporary pay references for the expert players. Once the LCS began proffering more money, it was responsible for remarkably subsidize its competitors.


In the year 2012, the LCS was ready to implement compatible pays to its adversaries, which encouraged Santana to actually concentrate on LoL as a full-time job. Nevertheless, once the LCS commenced growing too ambitious, Santana ended holding striving in LCS. Consequently, in October 2014, he plummeted out of Dignitas to converge on streaming, as he did not crave to devote his association with his teammates for the confidence of ascertaining the best line-up.

Since then, he has undeviatingly arisen and advanced his fanbase on Twitch, not only streaming LoL content but also treating various gaming shows.


Around$2 Million USD per year, if we not include tips and the sponsorships.


  • He usually streams Sundays to Thursdays: From ~14:00 UTC for 7-10 hours
  • On Fridays: ~21:00 – 00:00 UTC
  • On Saturdays: Occasionally streams


  • First – NA LCS Summer Playoffs Streamer Showmatch in 2018
  • Teen Choice Award for Choice Gamer in 2017
  • First – North American Challenger Series(NACS) 2017 Spring Qualifiers in 2017
  • Domino’s Streamer of the Year Award in 2016
  • First – Curse Invitational in 2012
  • First – IGN ProLeague (IPL) Season 3 in 2011

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