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Name: Matthew Rinaudo
Nationality: US

Age: 25
Outer Banks area, Virginia

Birthday: 14th February

Minecraft, Variety


Mizkif and his wife pet a dog named Luna. Mizkif also has a brother.


It’s really just the number of letters in each expression of ‘I Love You Forever.’ Mizkif came up with the headliner when he was nearly 15 years old and had a sweetheart who never wanted her friends to apprehend that she was seeing someone. She, accordingly, kept his sobriquet as ‘1437’ on her phone, and he elected that to accept it as his Gamertag for Battle.net, as competently.


In his pre-teens, 1437 appreciated contesting in Warcraft 3 by his IRL companions. In 2007, while they were executing Warcraft 3, they observed DotA 1 and decided to give it a chance. Even though Mizkif started out playing it not so seriously eventually. Then, with time, it became more special and formal as he started playing it competitively.

His parents weren’t initially excited about his choice to persevere-gaming over education but have since reached out to support him.


After a few years of playing DotA, the man resorted PowerNet online and frequently played contemporaneously with him. They quickly determined to create their own duo simultaneously with some of their additional friends. They devoted themselves to streaming from as quickly as he terminated education, at school till he conformed to snooze at midnight. They promptly transformed and got recognized by the DotA community, with both of them being selected onto Ok.nirvana. This signed the origin of his professional DotA occupation and Matthew hasn’t looked back since.

Matthew turned into a full-time professional DotA performer as forthwith as he graduated from high school. In 2015, he transitioned to a coaching profession for Team Secret and has from then moved amid pro and coaching roles for various teams..


The streamer doesn’t have a set schedule but he tends to broadcast live daily for between 4 – 8 hours.


  • 1st – MLG Fall Invitational – 2013
  • 1st – China Top – 2017
  • 1st – Dreamleague Season 10 – 2018


  • Obviously, [in order to improve,] you need to find a PUB and play. But, you also need to think about what you were doing. Why you were doing it, what are the mistakes that you made and why you made these mistakes. And from there you can think about how you can change that next time. And this is really important to actually become better. Apart from that is to actually watch other people play who you think are really good, just see how they play. You can even mimic them, whatever you want. Take what you think is good out of it.

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